Coconut Oil; Why It’s A Lazy Girl Must Have

Pours coconut oil over life....That's me! Today I'm here to show you the infinite uses for coconut oil, helping you save time and costs by only need one affordable product! From skincare, to hair care to cooking, coconut oil can be used in so many different ways. If you're a lazy girl you'll definitely love … Continue reading Coconut Oil; Why It’s A Lazy Girl Must Have

NeuLash New You!?

Raise your hand if you have personally been victimized by lash extensions... well you are not alone! A month ago, I decided I wanted long luscious lashes like all those girls on Instagram. I did some research and had my beautiful lash extensions done. I was IN LOVE with them. There's nothing better than waking up … Continue reading NeuLash New You!?

Lazy Girl’s Morning Routine

Hitting the snooze button one too many times can be a dangerous game when you have to fight traffic and get to the office on time. I'm sure we've all experienced the struggle of the morning beauty routine...or lack there of, specially before your morning dose of caffeine! If you're willing to skip important things … Continue reading Lazy Girl’s Morning Routine

Lazy Girl’s Drugstore Haul

Let's face it, being a woman can be pretty expensive. Between trips to the salon, getting your nails done, and the cost of decent products, it all adds up. Lucky for you I found some amazing products you can find at your local drugstore that won't break the bank!   I personally purchased all of these … Continue reading Lazy Girl’s Drugstore Haul

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Sunblock

SO here's a fun fact, if you’re in your mid to late 20's, your body has probably stopped producing a nice little protein molecule called COLLAGEN! Sad I know, but that is exactly why you should begin an anti aging regime once you reach your mid to late 20's…before its too late. And I’m not … Continue reading Lazy Girl’s Guide to Sunblock

Lazy Girl’s Guide: 5 Tips on How to Successfully Work From Home

It sounds like a lazy girl's dream come true right, working from home, sleeping in, not having to brush your hair in the morning; but working from the comforts of your house can bring up some interesting challenges. As someone who has worked remotely for over three years, I put together a few tips I've … Continue reading Lazy Girl’s Guide: 5 Tips on How to Successfully Work From Home