Mad About Mad Hippie?

In my journey of going clean in 2019 one of the main skincare brands I kept stumbling upon was a very cute, colorful one called Mad Hippie. It was also pretty affordable compared to other brands in the non toxic space. I decided to do some research into this popular brand and see what set … Continue reading Mad About Mad Hippie?

Fantastic Face Masks & Where to Find Them

Am I the only one who feels like I can solve all of my problems with a good face mask? Skin too dry...face mask! Acne breakout....face mask! Nothing to eat in your fridge...face mask! Ok so maybe not ALL of my problems, but most of them. These are some of the masks/treatments I'm loving at … Continue reading Fantastic Face Masks & Where to Find Them

What You May Not Know About Long Distance Relationships

Whether your boo is away for college, or work takes you to different places, a long distance relationship is usually not something you go searching for. Once upon a time I met a handsome, charming prince, I mean, professional baseball player. When we began dating, in the back of my mind  I knew he would … Continue reading What You May Not Know About Long Distance Relationships

Birmingham & Beyond

Greetings readers! For today’s travel Tuesday I wanted to share my comical experiences I encountered on  my recent trip to Birmingham UK. During my time as an NFL cheerleader I was fortunate enough to travel abroad, and once again my work in marketing has allowed me to travel to a different country. Free trip, who … Continue reading Birmingham & Beyond