Top 5 Foods for Glowing Skin

You are what you eat! We hear this time and time again but that's because it's true, specially when it comes to your skin. Stayed out all night partying...your skin will show it. Drank too much alcohol on the weekend...your skin will show it. Eat a lot of greasy foods...your skin will show it! The … Continue reading Top 5 Foods for Glowing Skin

Mad About Mad Hippie?

In my journey of going clean in 2019 one of the main skincare brands I kept stumbling upon was a very cute, colorful one called Mad Hippie. It was also pretty affordable compared to other brands in the non toxic space. I decided to do some research into this popular brand and see what set … Continue reading Mad About Mad Hippie?

Going Clean in 2019

A few months ago I decided to make the switch from "toxic" or conventional products to non toxic. I had done quite a bit of research and decided I would give it a try. I started by switching my makeup products first and once I had that under control I switched my skincare. But I … Continue reading Going Clean in 2019

Fantastic Face Masks & Where to Find Them

Am I the only one who feels like I can solve all of my problems with a good face mask? Skin too dry...face mask! Acne breakout....face mask! Nothing to eat in your fridge...face mask! Ok so maybe not ALL of my problems, but most of them. These are some of the masks/treatments I'm loving at … Continue reading Fantastic Face Masks & Where to Find Them

Doing “Detox” Differently

FRÉ your skin of dirt, grime and impurities with this Detox Me Mask from FRÉ Skincare. If you’re a girl on the go, you probably don’t have much time to schedule a facial, and that’s OK. This mask was created with you in mind. We often think of a detox as a juice cleanse, or … Continue reading Doing “Detox” Differently

Pura Vida With My Amigas

  Bachelorette parties can be pretty difficult to plan, especially when you're trying to travel out of the country with eight women. I mean just think about it, a group of eight women, that’s eight different opinions, personalities, budgets…sounds like a nightmare. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend recommended using a company called BIDO “Before I … Continue reading Pura Vida With My Amigas

5 Fall Fashion Favorites

Today is the official first day of Fall! Hooray! As much as I love Summer fashion, I’m ready to swap my tank tops and flip flops for some chunky sweaters and boots. Here are my personal top 5 fashion favorites for Fall 2018 every Lazy Girl needs in her wardrobe. Baker boy Hat For a … Continue reading 5 Fall Fashion Favorites