Coconut Oil; Why It’s A Lazy Girl Must Have

Pours coconut oil over life….That’s me!

clear glass container with coconut oil

Today I’m here to show you the infinite uses for coconut oil, helping you save time and costs by only need one affordable product!

From skincare, to hair care to cooking, coconut oil can be used in so many different ways. If you’re a lazy girl you’ll definitely love having one product that can accomplish is all! Well almost.

Coconut oil can be considered one of the top SUPER FOODS due to it’s versatility and nutritional benefits. Fun fact, many tropical locations refer to the coconut tree as the “tree of life”. #ImSold

While I could list over 80 uses for coconut oil, I’ll try to keep it short and list my top 5 way I incorporate coconut oil into my routine.

Note: Not ALL Coconut Oil was Created Equal. I prefer to use Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. My favorite is Vita Coco you can find out more about it Here

1. Makeup Remover 

Am I the only one who feels frustrated after spending money on makeup removers only to see that my eye shadow primer works all too well? There is nothing worse than coming out of the shower and seeing those raccoon eyes.

Coconut oil does an UH-MAZE-ING job at removing even my most stubborn waterproof mascara without being harsh on my skin.

Coconut oil is a all natural antibacterial, anti-fungal product, that means that you are not only removing your makeup but also killing and bacteria that might have clung on to your face. Gross! It is also extremely moisturizing…maybe too moisturizing if you are highly acne prone.

I usually will just dip my fingertips into my jar and rub it all over my face and neck before jumping into the shower. I wipe off the excess then cleanse my face with Cerave face wash as usual. The end result is a squeaky clean face ready to absorb my night time skin care products.

2. Body Lotion / Scrubs

As crazy as it sounds, recent studies have shown that when applied on the skin, organic coconut oil can speed up wound healing! This miracle product also increases hydration in the skin and creates a barrier to prevent water loss in extremely dry skin.

I enjoy using coconut oil in place of a shaving cream. Most shaving creams include chemicals in their ingredients which could be harmful to your skin in the long run, and lets face it, you don’t need that for a nice clean shave. Coconut oil, however is woman legs relaxation beautyinexpensive, naturally antimicrobial, and smells amazing. Plus, it will leave your skin super soft without feeling greasy.

After my shower I also apply my coconut oil liberally all over my body in place of body lotion. The face that it is moisturizing and antibacterial make it a better option than your Victoria Secret body lotions which is full of fragrances and chemicals as well.

Finally, coconut oil is a great base for a DIY skin scrub. Coconut oil is said to have properties that help reduce cellulite. I like to mix my oil with coffee grounds for an extra tightening and firming scrub! This scrub is great to use on your thighs and booty before a beach day.

Mixing coconut oil with other essential oils and some sugar also acts as a great overall body scrub. One of my favs for night time its coconut oil + lavender + brown sugar.

3. Teeth Whitener 

red and white mouth plastic toy and food plastic toys

Ever heard of oil pulling? This is where you take around a tablespoon of coconut oil, swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and spit it out then rinse with water.

Turns out this helps to pull the toxicity out of your mouth. Oil pulling helps to give you fresher breath, whiter teeth and can even improve your skin’s texture, and stomach digestion.

Busy boss babes are already like, 15 mins swishing… ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Wrong!  You can multitask. I will usually cook my breakfast while I’m swishing or pick out my outfit for the day. Doing something else while oil pulling will also help the time go by faster.

4. Hair Mask 

Have you ever been talked into receiving a deep conditioning treatment at the salon…only to want to faint when it’s time to pay? Well I’ve got you covered! Grab your trusty jar of organic coconut oil and slather it all over your hair, make sure to massage it into the scalp and your ends. Let it sit for a minimum of 30 mins and then wash your hair as you regularly would.

Because it is made up of mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids, the oil of the coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners, making it a great deep conditioner for dry brittle hair.

woman wearing white long sleeved shirt

Coconut oil on the scalp can also help fight dandruff, be used as a daily detangler, and helps your hair grow longer and thicker.  The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove build-up from hair follicles.

5. Cooking 

Swapping out your Crisco for some organic Coconut Oil can provide numerous health benefits. Coconut oil is rich in several types of “healthy fats” or  saturated fat that are otherwise uncommon. Studies show that coconut oil can raise the levels of the “good” HDL cholesterol and potentially decrease the risk of heart disease.healthy red lifestyle fruit

I like to add coconut oil as a creamer/ sweetener to my coffee. This gives me an extra energy boost and makes for a rich and creamy coffee.

Because coconut oil has a high burning temperature, this makes it ideal for pan frying and sauteing.  The oil also ads a nice nutty flavor, specially when cooking root veggies or chicken. (Coconut Lime Chicken anyone?).

Some extra quick ways to incorporate your organic coconut oil into your meals are by adding it to boost your smoothies, on toast instead of butter, and on pop corn!

While I could go on and on with all of the ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your routine I hope you find my top 5 uses beneficial. I’d love to hear any other unique ways you use coconut oil in your daily routine!

As always, thanks for reading!

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