NeuLash New You!?

Raise your hand if you have personally been victimized by lash extensions… well you are not alone!neulash.jpg

A month ago, I decided I wanted long luscious lashes like all those girls on Instagram. I did some research and had my beautiful lash extensions done.

I was IN LOVE with them. There’s nothing better than waking up and feeling glamorous.

While, my lash extensions were great for the first two months, I became well…lazy and didn’t follow through with the refill process. Once I saw a few fall out, I became frustrated and attempted to remove them myself. BIG MISTAKE! I caused some serous damage to my lashes and felt like a bald headed baby once I got all of the extensions off.img_1578.jpg

In my desperation, I took to the internet to find solutions for rapid eyelash regrowth. There are tons of eyelash serums out there but after reading lots of reviews I decided to try NeuLash. It was a bit more pricey than some competitors but like I mentioned… I was desperate.

I purchased an 11oz. size of NeuLash from for $150 and received it two days later…heck yes I requested express shipping. The serum contains biotin, amino acids, vitamin B along with other extracts and ingredients that are used to condition and fortify your lashes.

After making sure I no longer had any lash extensions or glue left on my lashes I began using the serum. One swipe on each eye in the morning and one swipe on each eye at night before bed.

It is really important that your eyes are clean and free of any makeup, moisturizers or serums to make sure the product get penetrate to the hair follicles.

I started to notice growth within two weeks of using the serum. I could not believe how quickly and effectively the product was working. During my time using the serum I also tried not to wear any mascara or harsh eye products that could further damage my weak lashes.

Fast forward to a month later, my lashes are longer than ever! I will definitely be investing in a second bottle of the serum to ensure that my lashes continue to grow long and strong.

The main takeaway from other reviews I read was that while yes, the product works, once you stop using it your lashes will go back to their natural length.

Overall this product delivered on its promise to help lashes grow longer and strong…even lashes that I thought had no hope! If you are struggling with your lash growth I would highly recommend giving this product a try. NeuLash also has an eyebrow serum for those who have thinning brows as well!

If you’ve tried this lash serum or any others that you think are magical I would love to hear about them and give them a try!

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