Tips to Working Out in The AM

If you’re a girl boss that’s always on the go, or just a lazy girl, finding the motivation to get up in the mornings for a work out can be difficult. But lets face it, whether you’re too lazy or too busy, staying active is an important ingredient for overall health and wellness.

Morning workouts have always been a struggle for me, regardless if it’s at 5 AM or 9 AM my body just fights me when I want to work out to start my day. Through time, I tested out a few hacks and ideas which have made getting up for a morning workout not so miserable.

I’ve put together a few tried and true tips that have helped making getting up in the mornings to go work just a little bit easier for me.

photo of person holding alarm clock

Alarm Hack 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the snooze button….I know I have multiple

times! Snooze just one too many times and suddenly it’s too late for a workout and time to get the day started #fail.

There are multiple alarm hacks you can use that FORCE you out of bed.

An easy one which I use often, is to set your alarm far away from your bed, This will force you to leave the comforts of  your warm and cozy bed in order to shut that annoying thing off!

Find yourself getting up to turn it off, then jumping back into bed? Been there done that! There are a few apps such as Alarmy-Alarm Clock that might help with that. This app has been voted “The world’s most annoying alarm”. It has multiple modes such as Photo Mode which requires you to get out of bed and take a pictures of the registered place to turn off the alarm.

There is also a Math Problem mode, here you must solve the math problem correctly in order to disarm the alarm.

I’ve also tried to set my alarm a little earlier than the time I actually need to get out of bed since I know that I like to lie there and think about how tired I am for a few minutes. Setting multiple (loud and annoying) alarms can also be helpful, specially if you’re a fan of the snooze button.

If these don’t  get you up and out of bed…I’m not quite sure what will! Gym

Pre-Workout Planning  

Ok, so I’m up and awake, but now I sit on my bed in my pajamas THINKING about what I’m going to put on and trying to talk myself out of workingout. Sometimes, the longest part about getting ready for the gym in the morning is finding a matching pair of socks!

To avoid this issue, I plan out what I am going to wear the night before and set it out on my dresser. And I mean EVERYTHING! Underwear, sports bra, leggings, t-shirt, socks and sneakers. This saves me so much time and effort in the mornings. Some people advise that you should sleep in your gym clothes, but I personally can’t sleep with a sports bra on and the thought of my gym clothes in bed just makes me feel gross….but that’s just me! This approach could work for you as well.

If you drink a pre-workout, leave it ready in your fridge the night before. If you just go off of good ol coffee like me, leave it prepped so you just have to turn on the machine and caffeinate yo-self! Ready to go!

three woman in assorted color sport bras holding and watching their smartphones


Being held accountable for your work out can also help you jump out of bed in the morning and just get the damn workout over with. Having a gym buddy to join you can be helpful because you know that there will be someone waiting on you if you run late or don’t show up.  This “gym buddy” can even be your trainer or gym staff member.

If you don’t have a gym buddy, there are a few other options you can try. Sometimes, I ask my boyfriend to be my wake-up call and remind me why I wanted to get up and workout in the first place. There are also multiple health and wellness groups online that you can join. I personally think these groups are amazing if you tend to be on the lazy side like me! They not only hold you accountable for eating right by making you submit a daily food log, but many times, they also require you to submit a daily workout pic! Genius right!?

Overall, the main thing is to remind yourself that the sacrifice of waking up a bit earlier to get a work out in is actually small in the grand scheme of things. You will not only feel more energized throughout your day but your body will than you in the long run!

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