Lazy Girl’s Morning Routine

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Hitting the snooze button one too many times can be a dangerous game when you have to fight traffic and get to the office on time. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the struggle of the morning beauty routine…or lack there of, specially before your morning dose of caffeine!

If you’re willing to skip important things — like a well-balanced breakfast or showering — just to get some extra sleep, then the thought of waking up early to flat iron your hair and bust out a winged eyeliner is probably comical… or scary. Lucky for you, I’ve done some research and put together a few time saving hacks to make a morning beauty routine more achievable.

Simplified Multipurpose Make Up 

Using multipurpose makeup products can cut your morning routine in half. Rather than layering on a moisturizer, spf, and then your foundation opt for an all in one product like the IT cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. The product works as a moisturizer, foundation and sunblock all in one!


Brighten dark areas with some concealer and pat on some blush for a brush of color. You can also use multipurpose products that work for lips and cheeks! And never skip out on mascara. This might be the most time consuming step but mascara will help give you a more awake appearance!

One last trick, wear a bright lip stick. This will not only add a pop of color to help brighten your face, but can also serve to distract from sleepy eyes or less than perfect makeup.

Style Your Hair Before Bed 

Having beautiful beach waves doesn’t mean you have to wake up extra early if you prep the night before. If you’re like me and your hair holds curls well simply curly your hair the night before keeping the curls a little tighter than usual. This way when you wake up the curls will be softer and more of a wave. If the curls are still too tight and you looklike Shirley Temple, just brush them out.

Another option is to work in a texturizing cream into your hair. Create two braids or one french braid and sleep on it. The next morning, when you undo the braids; Vuala! Messy beachy waves easy and quick.

Moisturize In Your Sleep 

Nobody likes cracked dry skin! Applying moisturizer at night is a great time saver and helps you wake up with plump, hydrated skin. And we’re not only talking about your face. IMG_3471_Facetune_06-06-2018-14-31-06

Apply lotion or coconut oil on your feet, and put on some cozy socks before you knock out. The lotion or oil  will work while you’re passed out to make sure you wake up with baby-soft feet.

Stay Organized! 

This is a Lazy Girl must! Keeping your makeup and beauty tools organized helps to prevent you from spending precious time looking for your blush brush or your red lipstick.

A few quick tips for organizing your vanity are to separate your tools. I keep hair tools and products in one drawer, makeup and makeup brushes in another, and skincare products in another.

Within the drawers I separate my makeup and tools by part of face (lip, eye, skin etc.) or by function (brushes in one section, liners in another).

Getting organized also means to declutter your products. Get rid of any hair and makeup products that you never find yourself using like that pink face paint you used to turn yourself into a unicorn 3 Halloweens ago. Having just your go-to’s will keep you from wasting time each morning looking for the right product.

It might seem timely to organize this way, but trust me it will be beneficial when you’re rushing in the morning.

Plan Your Look 

Whether I’m getting a early workout  or waking up for a meeting I always plan my outfit from head to toe the night before to avoid scrambling in the mornings. There’s nothing worse than getting to work late because you couldn’t find your black bra.

Steaming your blouse, and making sure you’re look is flawless before going to bed helps you wake up stress free and ready to just put on your outfit and head out the door.

These tips should be helpful in ensuring your morning runs smoother and quicker helping you afford more time to be…lazy!

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