Lazy Girl’s Drugstore Haul

Let’s face it, being a woman can be pretty expensive. Between trips to the salon, getting your nails done, and the cost of decent products, it all adds up. Lucky for you I found some amazing products you can find at your local drugstore that won’t break the bank!  

IMG_3467_Facetune_06-06-2018-14-34-07.jpgI personally purchased all of these products at my local Walgreens store. Being the lazy girl that I am, I love that I can get all of these products in 1 place! They each retail for less than $20 and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!

Let’s Talk Skincare!

As I get older, I become more interested in the ingredients I am putting on my face rather than just buying what the Instagram makeup artists are using.

Cerave is an amazing skincare line created by dermatologist. Their products contain a mixture of ceramides which scientifically improves the signs of aging. Along with those ingredients, they also contain hyaluronic acid, which is a key ingredient in keeping the skin moisturized and plump, who doesn’t want that!?IMG_3471_Facetune_06-06-2018-14-31-06

The face wash is gentle enough to use morning and night daily and leaves your skin feeling cleansed and nourished. The PM moisturizer is very hydrating without feeling too thick or oily. The line also carries an AM moisturizer which includes SPF which you can use if you want to cut out a step of your morning skin care routine.

I received the Healing Ointment free with my purchase of the face wash and I love slathering it on my lips overnight to avoid them from getting chapped while I sleep. I wake up with my whole face feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My skin tend to be pretty sensitive, so I also love that these products are fragrance free!


The next product I have become addicted to is the Australian Gold Mineral SPF 50 Non Greasy tinted lotion.  As I become more interested in keeping my skin looking young, I have learned that the number one thing you can do to reduce signs of aging is incorporate sun protection into your skincare routine, and lets face it, living in the Sunshine state we can all use a good sunblock!

This mineral sunblock blends wonderfully and does not leave a sticky or greasy film on your face. I usually apply this under my foundation and never have any issues with blending or layering my makeup. I like the fact that it is a mineral sunscreen instead of a chemical sunscreen since my skin tends to break out easily.

Hair Care Is a Thing? IMG_3469_Facetune_06-06-2018-14-33-06

As a self proclaimed “lazy girly girl” my hair is something I don’t spend too much time on. I’ve never colored my hair, and get a trim maybe every 6 months. Recently I was frustrated the brittleness and dryness of my hair. During my weekly visit to the drugstore, a new hair product line caught my attention. I decided to give it a try and they have been game changers in the texture of my hair. The Maui Moisture hair care products are amazing. Aside from being a non GMO and sulfate free line, each product includes some amazing ingredients such as aloe, coconut water, Shea butter and more, depending on which collection you buy.  I have tried the Heal & Hydrate collection, as well as the Curl Quench collection and honestly can’t decide which one I love most! The natural ingredients also give the products a yummy smell. IMG_3472_Facetune_06-06-2018-14-28-02.jpg

Finally, like I mentioned before I am lazy when it comes to my hair so, I rely on dry shampoo quite often. I know dry shampoo can be damaging to your hair because it makes it, well dry and brittle. One day I was in a hurry and grabbed the only small bottle of dry shampoo I found in the store. What a happy accident that was! I purchased the Hask Dry Shampoo Coconut Oil. I am a fan of all things coconut oil so I was an instant fan! This product is sulfate free, paraben free, and gluten free….I thought that only applied to bread but that must be good right? The fact that the dry shampoo is infused with coconut oil not only makes it smell uh-maze-ing, but it soaks up the oil in your scalp without over drying your hair. I also liked the fact that the bottle is not too big so I can easily toss it in my bag when I’m in a rush.

Overall I am so happy that these products are not only quality products but they are easily accessible. In a society where the pricing of women’s products continue to escalate it’s nice to know that we can still look and feel our beset without dishing out our entire paycheck!

If you have any other drugstore products you think I should try, feel free to comment below!

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