Lazy Girls Are Breaking Up with Makeup?

This brand is changing the makeup game one product at time.

Makeup trends seem to change by the minute! Whether its unicorn tear drop moisturizers, super matte foundation, highlighting your entire face, or the dramatic winged eye liner, sometimes it feels like you just can’t keep up.

 If you’re anything like me, you constantly watch skin care and makeup videos on Youtube in hopes that you will stay looking young, beautiful and up to date on the latest makeup trends.

However, I find that as I get older (27) I care more about what is inside my makeup rather than just whats trending or hype. So to get to my point…I came across Perricone MD’s line of No Makeup Makeup… and I must say I am obsessed.

 I bought the No Foundation Serum, No Bronzer Bronzer, No Highlighter Highlighter, and the No Concealer Concealer. The makeup line also includes a foundation, liquid blush, mascara, eye shadow and lip stick.

 This makeup line is not only lightweight but offers many healthy anti aging ingredients! The foundation serum offers a build-able light to medium coverage and offers SPF 30, which living in Miami that definitely comes in handy to avoid early signs aging. My favorite two products from the line are the bronzer and the highlighter. They are so easy to apply and look flawless!

IMG_0540.PNGThis look was created using the Perricone MD products  🙂

 According to the Perricone website, the bronzer and the highlighter contain vitamin C, as well as an ingredient called DMAE which is naturally produced by the brain and helps lift sagging skin over time. Contouring, highlighting, and fighting sagging skin at the same time…sign me up!

 Overall, the collections leaves you looking naturally flawless while fighting aging, which is great for daytime wear or a night out on the town! And lets be honest, most of us women are looking for the fountain of youth… might as well let our makeup do some of the work for us!

Click here to check out their website for better look at the various products and descriptions

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