Birmingham & Beyond

Greetings readers! For today’s travel Tuesday I wanted to share my comical experiences I encountered on  my recent trip to Birmingham UK.

During my time as an NFL cheerleader I was fortunate enough to travel abroad, and once again my work in marketing has allowed me to travel to a different country. Free trip, who wouldn’t be excited am I right!?

I was traveling with a few of my coworkers, females between the ages of 23-26 and initially this seemed like a fun filled girls bonding trip! You can imagine that didn’t last very long. The trek from Miami to the UK lasted several hours, but, two plane rides and several mini wine bottles later, we finally arrived in Birmingham.IMG_0560

Our excitement to be across the pond was pretty short lived when we realized the luggage carousel kept going round and round and all of our suitcases were nowhere to be found. Our first flight had been delayed, therefore, our luggage never made it on to our second plane. I find it funny now thinking back on it, but at the time this was the most horrific thing that could’ve happened to us.

We spent two whole days in our travel cloths…YUCK! The airport assured us we would have our luggage within a few hours… ha! The positive side of traveling with other women is that we were able to share make up with those who didn’t have any, hair styling tools and products, and we came up on some laundry detergent so we could wash our intimates and let them dry overnight.

We thought this would totally ruin all of our cool Instagram worthy photo ops, but we quickly figured out a solution We all ended up going to what seems to be the Target of the UK, the glorious and lifesaving Primark! Each of us bought new outfits complete with adorable accessories, in order to make the most of our trip, at least until our suitcases arrived. maria-molinero-5562-unsplash

With the confidence of a new outfit, we hit the town running! We discovered that we could hop on a quick train from Birmingham into London. The train ride was pretty relaxing and offered some beautiful scenery, but beware, there are two trains. One is an express train (expensive) and a regular train which is more affordable but takes about 30 mins longer to get to London. I say if you are not limited on time, save your money.john-jackson-649051-unsplash

Arriving in London was very exciting. For many in the group this was their first time in the beautiful city, and we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day which is not experienced often in London. Being true tourist, we visited all of the iconic sites, the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park… and did I mention we did this all on foot!IMG_0499

After a long but beautiful day in London, it was time to jump back on the train and head back to Birmingham. It’s important to keep an eye on the time as the more economical train does take longer to get to the city and it did not seem to be the safest place at night.

Exploring Birmingham personally wasn’t as exciting as London. There were plenty of cute restaurants and pubs in our area, and definitely some great shopping at the Bull Ring Area.

Overall I had a few takeaways from this trip;


  •   Always pack an outfit and toiletries in your carry on luggage when traveling abroad
  • Look up local transportation options
  • Research restaurants and local favorites beforehand
  • Always travel with a buddy
  • Carry cash and change (they charge to use public the bathrooms)

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